Welcome to the Brain Training Academy, an online self-paced educational portal where we cover a variety of mental health and emotional well-being related topics.

Our courses are designed for clients and Health Practitioners alike.

For clients – struggling with symptoms of various mental health and emotional challenges such as stress, anxiety, sleep related concerns and more.

For Health Practitioners – who wish to access our educational programs for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) purposes to develop and enhance their clinical skills and knowledge.

We take you through our series of psychoeducational programs to:

       Educate participants on various mental health challenges

       Enhance participants personal coping ability 

       Help participants feel more in control of the challenge or condition(s), and

       Empower participants with a greater internal capacity to work toward achieving a higher quality of life 

Our courses are available for adults and once you purchase your course you can complete it in your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

We hope you enjoy the content of our self-paced online educational programs as much as we have enjoyed developing the content for you. 



The Psychology of
Sleep Program

Getting adequate sleep is critical for staying healthy and feeling your best.
Sleep is equally as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet for overall well-being. In this self-paced online program learn about the science and neurobiology of Sleep to better your sleep quality for improved health, mood and mind.

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