Neuropsychology is the area of Psychology that studies the brain, its functionality and how it relates to human behaviour and psychological processes.

Many businesses, communities and groups across Western Australia engage in our Neuropsychology Workshops designed for teenagers and adults from all walks of life to help them understand how their brain works in terms of their thought processes, their feelings and in turn, their output behaviour.

Neuropsychology uses scientific methods and similar with Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science, it shares the information processing view of the mind.  The brain is constructed of two hemispheres, which are responsible for different facts of human personality and behaviour.  While they both have differences in some functions, the hemispheres communicate through inter-hemispheric neural connections, largely via the corpus callosum.  This level of communication allows the brain to integrate different elements to produce coordinated, integrated actions and a unified personality.

Our selection of workshops at Brain Training Australia™ are aimed to develop everyday people understanding of the way a person’s behaviour, personality and thought processes are affected by neurobiological processes:

  • Neuroplasticity & Neurofeedback: An Introduction
  • Optimise your Emotional Intelligence
  • Cognitive Development in Children
  • Thriving (not surviving) with Emotions
  • Reform your Memory
  • Biohack your Mental Resilience
  • Recover: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Processing Grief & Loss
  • Improving your Sleep
  • Optimise your brain; optimise your life.
  • Connecting with Change
  • Processing Pressure
  • Mindful Communications
  • Insightful Relationships
  • Exercising: optimise your brain
  • Nutrition: optimise your brain

If you are interested in engaging our services for the provision of Neuropsychology Workshops get in touch with us today, we would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Train your brain.  Change your life.