Dean Smith

Registered Psychologist and Neurofeedback Trainer, Melbourne (limited spaces)

Dean is a Registered Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Author, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Trainer and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.


        • B.A.(Psych), Grad. Dip. Counselling and Human Services
        • Dip. Psychotherapy,
        • Adv. Dip. Gestalt Therapy,
        • Dip. Clin. Hypnosis,
        • Dip. Herbal Medicine,
        • Prac. Cert. Rem. Massage
        • Prac. Cert. Massage Therapy
        • Cert. Reflexology
        • Cert. Somatic Experiencing

Over the last 30 years of working with clients, I have been at the forefront of the paradigm shift we are now seeing in trauma recovery and mental health treatment.  My private practice was one of the first practices in Melbourne to specialise in taking a holistic and integrated approach to mental health.

Treating mental health and trauma from a holistic, spiritually informed approach has always seemed the most logical, respectful, effective, and compassionate way of working with people’s pain and suffering.  For many years now I have been focusing on developing methods of working with mental health and trauma that meet the unique needs of my clients.

Although I was first trained as a psychologist, I quickly sore the strengths and limits of these Western psychological approaches.  This led to me studying and working with some of the great masters of our time.  This journey included the study of many different modalities, including different types of psychotherapies, bodywork, hypnosis, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, martial arts, yoga, biofeedback/neurofeedback, somatic experiencing, and meditation.

My passion for healing was also fuelled by my own struggles early in life with learning disorders, hearing problems, anxiety, and a severe stutter.  This personal journey informs how I approach and work with my clients.  I feel blessed to do this work and still get excited when seeing people grow, thrive, and reach their potential, as I see this as the true meaning of life.  This is the gift of pain and trauma; we can use it as a doorway to deeper discovery and growth.

More recently have also become involved with training and supervising other psychologists and psychotherapists.  This has been a very rewarding process, and it brings me much joy to pass on my knowledge and experience.

– Dean Smith, Registered Psychologist, Brain Training Australia

How to work with Dean

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