How should I expect to feel between sessions?

Posted 09 October

Many clients feel the positive effects of Neurofeedback from their very first session, as the changes can be felt between sessions and before the full change has ‘settled in.’

Very often the change people experience with Neurofeedback is remarkably effortless and seamless. The challenge with this is to notice the changes that are happening.  The process is so simple and easy that as changes occur, you may even be tempted to attribute these improvements to something else you are doing. When clients have been used to an effort/reward system of growth and healing, they often find it hard to accept that it really can be this easy.

As clients transition to optimal brain functionality, it is often that they don’t remember accurately what it was like when they came in at the Initial Consultation.  This is why after every session we track your progress, and every 10 sessions we measure your overall progress since your first session.  This process of seamless change is why it is important to monitor any changes, no matter how subtle, in the areas in which you hope to see improvement occurring.  But not all change is seamless, and some people may have feelings that are less comfortable, such as feeling more open, vulnerable, raw, reactive or tearful. Sometimes it is not that they feel more of these emotions, but instead are becoming more aware of their feelings.

As you progress through your Brain Training Program, you may still be experiencing the same symptoms, but are they less frequent and of a lesser intensity. You may find you can cope better with the symptoms now, that your reactiveness level is lowered and you are less stressed and anxious even though the symptoms persist?

Another effect is that some of the people in your environment (family members, workmates, friends) can be challenged by the changes in you, as you become clearer around your needs. There can be bodily shifts too. As your brain becomes more finely tuned, the negative effects of some of our bad habits become harder to ignore, like drinking too much or not getting enough sleep. Your tolerance for alcohol may reduce, so the same amount of alcohol will feel like more, so please adjust accordingly. This is relevant for all artificial stimulants – e.g. coffee, sugar etc.