How often do I need to Train?

Posted 09 October

Neurofeedback is Brain Training and, like any training, it is repetition that gets the skills in place and then establishes resiliency and long lasting outcomes. Thus it becomes important to carry the improvements across from one session to the next. Most people achieve this with one session per week at the beginning, with a decrease in frequency towards the end of training. If you wish for a faster and easier outcome then two sessions per week are optimal. However, it is important to say that we have had many clients who have achieved very good outcomes with fortnightly sessions or less. This includes fly in fly out mining workers who are training a few days in a row once every three weeks or less. In addition, we have clients who are on the move and will do daily or twice daily sessions for a week or so with the benefits flowing on over time post Neurofeedback training. In short, any frequency of training is better than none and we can work out an individual program to suit your lifestyle and budget.