How much does it cost?

Posted 09 October

Complimentary Session (FREE for 15 mins)

This appointment includes:

Start your Brain Training Program here. Discuss your needs with a Certified Neurofeedback Brain Trainer. Learn if non-linear Neurofeedback Brain Training is the right modality to help you achieve your goals. Conducted in-house, limited to 15 minutes and there is no charge.

Standard Appointment ($150 for 60 mins)

(Discounted packages available discover more at your complimentary assessment).

This appointment includes:

Work with your Neurofeedback Brain Trainer to establish your starting point based on cognitive and emotional well-being assessments. Includes 60 minute appointment with 33 minutes Neurofeedback Brain Training and 27 minutes talk time with your Certified Neurofeedback Brain Trainer. Progress Retest after 10 sessions to measure to assess change and development achieved.

Discounted packages available upon request, enquire with your Practitioner at your Complimentary Session.