How many sessions will I need?

Posted 09 October

One of the features of Neurofeedback is that it is very safe because the person is able to change at their own rate without any forcing of the process. In addition, everyone is starting from a different place with a different history and they are coming for different reasons. Some achieve their desired outcome in ten sessions. Most require between ten and twenty sessions, with some requiring more. Remember, you do not need to do ten or twenty sessions to experience benefits as this will be evident within the first few sessions.

Neurofeedback is not a quick fix; it is a program that allows your brain and central nervous system to release old habits and re-train itself in a healthier form which takes time and commitment on your part in the form of regular sessions.  The total number of sessions required differs from person to person and we will monitor your specific needs.  Your dedicated Neurofeedback Practitioner will be able to recommend your Brain Training Program specific to you, depending on your presentation at Session 1.