Exactly how I will respond to Neurofeedback Brain Training?

Posted 09 October

We cannot guarantee your personal response to Neurofeedback Brain Training, or its outcome, however based on International Clinical Studies using over three millions hours of the exact same technology that we use, we can make some predictions.  While the majority of clients enjoy notable changes to their presentation in the first couple of sessions, each person’s journey and their results will vary – because your brain determines the changes and adjustments it makes, not the system.  Some people experience dramatic shifts and growth very quickly, while others are slower in how they change. It’s possible you will perceive little or no effect, even though subtle changes may be occurring at a deeper level and outside your conscious awareness.  Progress can be variable – it often doesn’t follow a straight path forward. This is normal. It can go up and down, but we do like to see a general trend in the desired direction. Even though we may show you graphs in the first sessions so you can appreciate the work your brain is doing, in the end it is always how you are coping and progressing in your life that is most important. Becoming self-aware is the best way to determine your progress.