Leadership is the process of motivating, directing and coordinating group members to achieve a common goal.  Leaders assume a dominant role in social interaction, but effective leadership requires listening to other group members’ opinions as much as it involves active direction.  Individuals who possess this strength can help their group to achieve goals in a cohesive, efficient, and amicable manner.

How to demonstrate this Character Strength:

Movies: Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Dances with Wolves (1990)

Suggested strategies that correlate with this strength:

  1. Lead an activity, assignment or project and actively solicit opinions from group members.
  2. Organise a family event that is intergenerational, including both young and old relatives.
  3. Organise an event (surprise birthday party, baby shower, etc) at your work that involves your colleagues.
  4. Mentor a child in your neighbourhood who would benefit from your skills
  5. Stand up for someone who is being treated unfairly.
  6. Rotate leadership of an event or activity.  Give others a chance to be leaders.
  7. Read a biography and/or watch a film of your favourite leader and evaluate how she/ he inspires you in practical ways.
  8. When two people are in an argument, mediate by inviting others to share their thoughts and emphasizing problem-solving.
  9. Help coach Little Nippers or other sports, even if you don’t have a child playing.
  10. Initiate and lead a new traditions such as thematic reunions, anniversaries, surprise parties, family strength dates etc.
  11. Organise a town-wide or block-wide yard sale
  12. Host a block party or holiday open house
  13. Gather and lead a group to clean a local park, cemetery or beach.
  14. Start a fitness or health group with your co-workers.
  15. Participate in a local political campaign
  16. Make a list of possible ways that you could improve your leadership style.

By monitoring the above, you can catch when there is an incongruence in this personal strength. An incongruence will compromise you and cause inner conflict, so the above will help you keep on the right track.



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