Poor performance is the opposite to peak performance. The concept of peak performance is well understood in the both the business world and sports industry.

Making use of concentration and mindset to get the most out of an individual’s performance is a widely accepted concept among athletes and trainers. As these concepts have been shown effective in the sports industry, businesses and individuals have begun adopting some of these concepts to increase success and performance.

The concept of peak performance involves the individual or group working to maximise combined talents and mindsets to strengthen overall performance, and get the most out of everyone involved. While this concept is mostly understood in athletic performance, techniques to increase performance can also be used successfully for business or individual growth.

The techniques for increasing performance involve methods to increase concentration and mental capabilities. This includes techniques to prepare for interviews or meetings, overcoming setbacks and obstacles, increasing ability to work under pressure, setting and achieving goals, increasing workflow, balancing the different roles of the individual and mentally preparing an individual to achieve success. Many of the ideas now used in business and personal performance counselling have been adapted from sports performance models.


Performance is a broad term, encompassing many aspects of mindset and individual ability. Most people want to ensure they are performing at peak levels, but there are some stumbling blocks that can decrease performance levels. Among these stumbling blocks are:

  • Poor concentration and/or lack of tools to increase concentration
  • Lack of organization and techniques to achieve desired goals
  • Poor response to obstacles with minimum or no means to overcome
  • Lack of understanding regarding the desired performance
  • Low self-esteem or misunderstanding performance abilities
  • Inability to balance the different requirements set on the individual
  • Fear or mistrust of success

While these issues can negatively affect performance, there are techniques you can adopt to help overcome all these obstacles. With the right training and counselling you can increase individual and/or group performance and get the most out of your workflow.


With the ever-changing job market and the increase of demands on the individual in work and daily life, performance difficulties such as anxiety or poor work methods have increased. Changing technology, while useful has created shifts in the marketplace, creating new fields or changing workflows. The need to shift to meet the demands of technology and changing job descriptions can slow the progress of your business, or your individual work.

This change can be seen in all markets, whether for athletes, project managers, business owners, the self-employed or anything in between. The new demands can be frightening for some or can involve new training to meet the needs of the changing marketplace. The need for new techniques and training, thanks to increased demands and changing fields affect everybody on some level.


To change with the times and increase business or individual marketability, new techniques and increased self-esteem are needed. This can be difficult when confronting shifts in the industries or new demands. Some of the changes to performance needs include:

  • Changes to workflow or performance requirements
  • New technologies requiring continued training and moving outside of set comfort zones
  • Increased pressures from deadlines at work or balancing work and home life
  • Changes in terminology or job descriptions requiring new strategies for effective communication
  • New forms of obstacles needing changes in techniques to overcome
  • A need for mindset shifts to believe in the ability to succeed in the changing marketplace

Most changes to performance needs require a little work on new techniques and strategies. New concepts are easily learned and adopted given the right mindset and the appropriate tools to deal with these changes.


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