Who is the Affiliate Program suitable for?

Are you keen to integrate non-linear Neurofeedback into your existing business or practice?

Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Chiropractors are among the professionals we have on our team who offer the benefits of non-linear neurofeedback to their clients.

The Brain Training Australia (BTA) affiliate program is suited to Health Professionals who want to be part of a Professionally recognised leader in the market and be part of Australia’s only national platform.

So if you are a Health Professional and you have an interest in:

    • becoming a Neurofeedback Practitioner
    • purchasing your own technology
    • integrate Neurofeedback into your own practice

then we would love to hear from you. We can help you start your Neurofeedback Practitioner journey, educate how to integrate into your business and help you to grow a profitable Neurofeedback business.

What are the benefits of being an Affiliate Practitioner?

While anyone can go out and purchase the technology, become Certified as a Practitioner, this does not equate to having a successful and thriving Neurofeedback business.  There are certain systems, protocols and procedures which need to happen to ensure your business connects and provides your desired outcomes not only for you, but for your clients.

As part of the Brain Training Australia Affiliate Program we help you to get off the ground as a Practitioner, and stay by your side for as long as you need us. We do however only work with exceptional Practitioners and entry to our Affiliate Provider network  managed by our Clinical Director.

What we offer:

    • Clients, clients, clients! We provide lead generation for Neurofeedback clients for which we charge a once off lead generation fee for the following:
        • Face to Face Clients – Practitioner pays a once-off lead generation fee of $150 for clients attending face to face for clients attending privately (includes Medicare, Private Health Insurance, excludes Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) & NDIS where 10% commission is payable to BTA per session accessed).
        • Home Rental System Clients – Practitioner pays lead lead fee of $150 for clients accessing a home rental system, with the lead generation fee costing $150 per monthly rental i.e if a client decides to renew their rental for another month, then another $150 lead fee is payable to BTA).

Outside of the lead generation fee, you (The Practitioner) retains all monies generated with your work with your new client.

    • Warm referrals – we don’t generate cold leads – that’s not how we roll! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and when a client puts their hand up and looks for support – we make it happen.  We are prompt (we provide a 2 hour KPI turnaround timeframe for clients) and we work with warm referrals only. We expect all Affiliate Practitioner to be able to respond to this KPI – so if you can’t meet this KPI then please don’t apply for interview to join our network – responsiveness is one of our core values.
    • Website presence – you don’t need to go out and develop your own website to promote yourself – just springboard off the Brain Training Australia website, we have done the hard work for your already. This will save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.
    • Social Media presence – springboard off our Instagram and Facebook Social media platforms which are managed by the Clinical Director.  Like, share and love our posts to promote yourself. There is no need to create brain based articles – we have done this for you already!  There is no cost to our affiliates for the provision of this service.
    • Brain based blog articles – our Clinical Director writes all of our blogs and regularly writes informative, educational and interesting website blogs for you to share with your clients.  There is no cost to our affiliates for the provision of this service.
    • Promotional materialsClient Information Packs are available at cost which include a Brain Training Australia presentation pack with business cards, promotional brochures, Frequently Asked Questions Documents to educate your clients.  Only Brain Training Australia approved materials and signage may be used for promotional purposes. There is a fee applicable for the provision of promotional materials.
    • Video Information Series – don’t know where to start explaining Neurofeedback to your clients, or do you spend a lot of time on educating your clients at intake?  Simplify the process by using our Video Information Series and send to your clients before they attend their first appointment, so they know what to expect and you can hit the ground running. There is no cost to our affiliates for the provision of this service.
    • Practitioner Intensive Coaching Sessions– access to the Brain Training Australia Practitioner mentoring program where you can learn how convert and retain your clients directly from our Clinical Director. Learn strategies that you can easily implement into your business, without cost to make the process enjoyable for clients and profitable for you as a business.  We want you to enjoy the leads which we send you and make the most of them, not be overwhelmed by them! There is a fee applicable for the provision of Practitioner Intensive Coaching Program and this may only be accessed by existing Affiliates.
    • Market Research – we have been conducting our own Market Research since 2014 and we know a little (OK, a lot!) about what the market demands are in Australia.  This helps you dictate your pricing models and how to integrate into your practice. There is no cost to our affiliates for the provision of this service.
    • No membership fee – there are no hidden costs or surprises when you are one of our affiliates.  We give a lot to our Practitioners so that they can be the best at what they love – working with their clients – and leave the boring business stuff to us.
    • You maintain control – of your business and how you work. We are only there to complement it and generate clients for you as they come through.  While every Practitioner works differently, each Practitioner offers Neurofeedback as a modality and anything they offer after that is icing on the cake as far as we are concerned. In short – You Do You!
    • You control the pace at which you grow – you let us know when you are open for new clients, and when not. We cannot promise or commit to regular leads for you as these are allocated as they are received and clients are matched to suitable Practitioners based on their individual needs i.e location, Practitioner preference, accessibility.  This might mean you receive one lead a year, or eight leads a week! While we can’t predict or control market demands, we can say that we are busier than ever and many of our Affiliate Practitioner are booked up with waiting lists in place.
    • Grow your business once you settle in as a Neurofeedback Practitioner you will realise that you are only one person and you will look at ways to to expand or diversify your business.  We love helping Practitioners grow their business and can give you some guidance on that. Whether you choose to take on staff into your practice or make rental systems available (translating to passive income) – or both – we can help you with growth potentials.

What do I need to do to become an Affiliate Practitioner of Brain Training Australia?

To be considered as an Affiliate Practitioner:

    • You must be a Health Practitioner set up in private practice, responsible for your own overheads, insurances and have your own Neurofeedback Technology.  We can help you if you would like to f you would like to purchase or rent a system for your private practice.
    • You must have completed your Basic Certification in Neurofeedback technology. We can help you complete your Basic Certification Training (allow a budget of $800-$1000). 
    • You must be able to speak confidently with your clients about the difference between linear and non-linear Neurofeedback technology.
    • You must have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Central Nervous System, the Limbic System, the stress response, neuroplasticity and the complexities of the brain ie how chemicals, hormones and electrical activity impact on well-being.
    • You must BE PASSIONATE about working with clients with mental health struggles and affording them a higher quality of life (that one’s a bit obvious, we know!)

Once you have the above in place, you are essentially ready to start taking on clients.  While you as an Affiliate Practitioner are responsible for your private business requirements, we are a lead generation provider for Neurofeedback clients to help you grow your business in addition to other avenues which you will implement.  Essentially our job is done once we generate leads for you but we don’t like to leave it there – we want to educate and guide you into being the best Neurofeedback Practitioner clients can access.

Once you have your technology, your Certification and you have gave us the green light, you then get access to our education segments (provided at cost) on how you as a Practitioner can convert the leads we send you and then how to retain your clients long term.

If you would like to learn more about becoming part of the Brain Training Australia team please complete the form below and we will be in touch to see if you are a suitable fit for our Affiliate Practitioner team functioning under the Brain Training Australia umbrella.

Help us to refer leads to you with confidence.

We need to make sure you are great at what you do before you can jump onboard and be part of Australia’s leading Neurofeedback provider. We only work with exceptional Practitioners, so we need to understand how you work so we can make sure you are a good fit. All interest parties must go through an interview process with our Clinical Director to assess your suitability and alignment of our values.

We love what we do, our clients love what we do and our Practitioners love what we do. It’s a win-win for everyone!

I look forward to hear from you soon and supporting you on this exciting journey.

Elaine x


Elaine Collins (nee Corcoran)

Clinical Director

Brain Training Australia

Perth * Brisbane * Sydney * Brisbane


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